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    Monthly Reflections: Summer Edition

    It’s official! Summer is over. I know it’s been a while since these posts but I have a good reason for doing so. At the end of each month, when I sit down to write the monthly reflections, I saw a pattern of recurring themes. So instead of repeating everything, I’ve compiled them into one giant post. Life is Too Short to Have Boring Hair Hair plays a huge role in how we carry ourselves. It both indirectly and directly displays part of our personality. I decided to go through the “big chop” and to be completely honest, had mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I was pleased to…

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    5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

    “Mama looked into me and saw something worth believing in, long before I believed in myself” – Keion Jackson It’s Mother’s Day! Here are 5 life lessons I learned from my best friend who also just happens to be my mom. Lesson #1: Talk Less, Listen More When it comes to unfamiliar situations, my mom has taught me to talk less and listen more.  By doing this, we can be in tune with what the topic of conversation is and when to interject into said conversation. I can be awkward initially when interacting with new groups of people and sometimes I tend to talk more and listen less because I…

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    Monthly Reflections: April 2017

    This month was a busy one but it also gave me a lot to reflect on in such a short amount of time. Here are my reflections for April 2017. Monday Mornings The week before the first week of April was a rough one. I was unmotivated and felt like I was in a slump. But as soon as the clock struck midnight on the first Monday of the month, something inside me changed. It was as if there was this new found energy that surged through me. I was actually able to get up at 7 am and get to class on time is astonishing. I felt more productive than…