Monthly Reflections: November 2016

This month was all about management. Life can be confusing and when it gets out of control it becomes very difficult to dig yourself out of a massive hole. But this past month, I learned that when you make management and priorities part of your daily routine, it can make a world of a difference.

Money Management

When your paycheck finally arrives in our account, it can be really easy to go and splurge all that money to your heart’s content. But just as fast that money came in, it’ll empty out just as quickly if you’re not careful. Here are some tips about how to be more financially savvy.

Needing vs. Wanting: 

Decide if you really need to spend money on a specific item or product and instead spend on the essentials.

Always Looking For Deals Before Buying: 

What I find works best is that before any shopping trip, check online to see if the product you want is on sale or if your favorite store is having any sales coming up. If they are, they check and see if the product you want to buy will be at a lower price. If you know you go to a certain store more than once or twice a month, sign up for their rewards system if they offer one. It is normally free to sign up and when you do, you’ll have the chance to be offered more deals than a customer who isn’t a member. If you’re looking for a specific product, try doing price comparisons for it against different stores. You may find that a store will sell it a couple of dollars less than another store.

Find Alternatives To Save Money:

When I walk into a drugstore like CVS or Walgreens, the drugstore brands will almost always be placed next to the name brands. The drugstore versions have the exact same ingredients as the name brands and could be priced up to five dollars lower than the name brand.

Use a product on daily basis?: Buy more than one when it’s on sale.

You never know when it’ll be offered again.

Time Management

There’s this thing that every single Indian knows when it comes to keeping time, Indian Standard Time (IST). This pretty much means that we are always late or take forever to get out the door. It’s a natural thing that every Indian has done once in their lifetime but will never admit it. But this month, it’s been getting me in trouble. IST has resulted in me running late to meetings and important events. Here are some ways to manage your time better in order to be more productive.

Plan Ahead!

If you wanna learn more about how to plan ahead click here

Always Wear a Watch!

Make Sure You’re Always 5-15 Minutes Early!

These tips have made a world of a difference for me this month and hope they help you to0! If you have any tips on time and/or money management or learned something about yourself in the month of November, let me know in the comments below!


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