Monthly Reflections: October 2016

Every month is full of moments that really make us think about who we are and where we are in life. These moments are the ones that stay with us forever. It’s up to us on how we define these moments. Do we let them bring us down or do we use them as reflections on what life has for us? The choice is up to you.

Reflection #1: Good Vibes All Day Long

Lately, I’ve been feeling down in the dumps so-to-speak. Just letting life pass me by and not feeling too positive or motivated to do much. Now I have no idea why that is, to this day. I was replaying old memories in my head that had a negative impact on my life over and over again. I felt this overwhelming desire to be inspired again. So I downloaded this app on my phone called The Now which gives me daily messages throughout the day in order to keep me motivated from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. This allows me to always have good vibes no matter what situation I am in.

Reflection #2: Hard Times Will Always Reveal True Friends

As the season begins to change and the temperature begins to drop from brisk to frigid, sometimes you can’t help but feel like your mood isn’t as chirpy all the time. I’ve had my share of some flashes of a doubt or two (with myself and with my writing) with myself this past month. The ones who were able to pick me up when I was down with whom I now call my true friends. I was having doubts whether my writing was sub par and if I needed to step my game up. A friend of mine, Chirag (with whom you might remember from a previous post), reminded me never to give up on my passion for writing. There is always room for improvement and a chance to soak up new knowledge every chance I get.

Reflection#3: Life Is A Balancing Act

Balancing new changes is never easy in the beginning. I felt like the ring leader of my own personal circus, juggling all aspects of life while trying to stay sane in the process. I realized that if I kept on going down the same path, things were just going to spiral out of control to the point where it would be extremely difficult or nearly impossible to get myself back on track.

Reflection #4: Planners Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Therefore, in order to guide me in the right direction planners and calendars became a life saver. Every night, before I went to bed I wrote down what I needed to do for the following day and at the start of every week I wrote down what needed to be accomplished that week in order to stay on track and not fall behind in anything. This made a massive difference and it wasn’t before long that everything in life began to fall in place.


Thank you guys so much for reading! What life lessons did you all learn from the month of October? Let me know by leaving a comment! Here’s to a new month full of new beginnings and new life lessons to be learned!

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