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How To Love Yourself Again: My Self Love Challenge

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and I’m single AF. But who says being single on Valentines Day is all that bad? When we show our love to others this time of year, we can sometimes forget to love ourselves. To be completely honest, this is not the easiest list to answer but I am giving it my best shot anyways.

What Makes Me Truly Happy Is…

What makes me truly happy is knowing that I am doing what I love and am surrounded by an amazing support system. Finding your passion is such a trial and error process. Time and a ton of patience are all you need.

Blogging and this blog, in particular, is my passion. I am so proud to call myself a “creative entrepreneur”. I didn’t know that was an actual term until recently. With this blog, I’m creating a brand, and maybe one day a business, that I can call my own. I’m incredibly grateful to be surrounded by people who support me in this.

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One Personality Trait That I Love About Myself Is…

I always give people the benefit of the doubt when I first meet them. It is almost as if I say “I think you’re a good and decent human being until you prove me wrong”. People are not what you expect them to be at first glance so it’s best to give them the benefit of the doubt before coming to any crazy conclusions.


For example, my roommate from my freshman year of college was nothing then like I had originally thought when I initially met her. We met during orientation while I was checking out our soon-to-be room. To give you a visual, imagine this scene from Pitch Perfect.

Yeah….most awkward encounter ever. But thank god, it wasn’t the precedent to our first roommate experience. She was and still is a very laid back and chill person. We still refer to the Kimmy Jin moment as one of our favorite memories as roommates.

But thank god, it wasn’t the precedent to our first roommate experience.

She was and still is a very laid back, chill and easy going person who plays soccer. She put up with the messiness that was on my side of the room where you could barely see the floor and surprised me on my birthday.

During our second semester, we had a few snow days. To procrastinate doing any sort of work related to school we did what any mature young adult would do. We stayed in sweats and binge watched Disney. When she discovered I hadn’t seen Frozen yet, she insisted we watch it. The number of questions I bombarded her with during movie must have driven her crazy. If it did, I couldn’t tell because of the smile on her face replying back the same thing: “I’m not telling you, just watch the movie”.

To this day, it’s always a joy whenever we see each other on campus. It gives us a chance to reminisce about “the good ole days” of rooming together and catch up on life.

If I could Be Anywhere In The Entire World Right Now Is…

To be really honest, if I could be anywhere in the world right now it’s my bed. As a college student who’s been staying up until 3-4am to get work done, my bed is my safe haven and where I feel most comfortable. It doesn’t matter where I am but if I am in a bed that I can call my own, I am a happy girl.

Especially when I’m having a long day and just need some time to breathe, my bed soothes my soul. The memory foam mattress pad and pillow is a definite win. The only downside is that it makes it EXTREMELY difficult to get up in the morning to start my day.

Three Positive Words That I Believe My Closest Friends Would Use to Describe Me Are…


Being surrounded by the people closest to me, I’m so happy that I can just feel the positive energy around me (as corny and cliche as that sounds. I feel on top of the world and like anything is possible.


When you first meet me, it usually won’t take long for me to start talking. When the topic of conversation is something that I’m passionate about, it’s very hard for me to stop. I used to always think that it was a negative trait but now I consider it to be positive because I like talking and have my voice to be heard. The fact that I’m a South Asian girl, I’m loud and proud!


I have gone above and beyond for the people closest to me when times have been tough or when they are having a rough moment in life because I know that they’d do the same for me. I do it to make sure that they are comfortable as possible.

One Thing I Need To Forgive Myself For Is…

Being me. I am on a forever journey to find out who I really am. The number of times I’ve questioned my identity is overwhelmingly high. I overthink way too much, ask anyone who knows me.

There are several times when I lay awake at night going over interactions in which I could’ve responded in a better manner. This leads me to wonder if I am ever good enough or worth it to others.

There was a quote that I saw recently that said:

Remember that words only hurt if you believe them.

This totally changed my way of thinking and I now don’t really care about the negative thoughts of what other people think of me. If they don’t like who I am, then it’s their loss.

A Positive Memory From The Past Year That Made Me Feel Good Is…

Last year was a rough year, so it’s hard for me to come up with a positive memory to make me feel good. But one memory that brings a smile to my face is talking to friends and family members about blogging and writing. Writing is what keeps me going. When I can’t verbally express myself, I write it down. It’s my stress reliever and calms me down almost instantly.

One Thing That Makes Me Unique And Different From Everyone Else Is…

I have a freckle (or a birthmark, whatever you wanna call it) in the direct center of my nose. I’ve had it since as long as I can remember. If you were to draw an even line in the direct center of my face, the freckle would split into equal halves.

Just remember this:

You are beautiful, you are courageous, you are amazing, you are loved, you are absolutely 100% worth it, and you will always be enough.


  • Estefania

    I love this post. I was attracted to this because the topic is similar to mine. I really enjoyed your take on this and the different points you mentioned. I especially like how you talk about thinking about a memory or a specific quality about ourselves. Also, it is so true that first impressions are not always correct. Thanks for sharing this!

    • admin

      I’m glad it helps you! It definitely is a great mechanism to bring out your creative aspect while still allowing you to become as personable as you want to be.

    • admin

      Thank you so much! It’s a part of life that we always seem to lose sight of sometimes but is extremely important for our overall wellbeing 🙂

  • Kenneth Singh

    Going through different people’s reflection about being in college this one hit the hardest. I’m a guy but the things you said about being your self and girls would tell me the same things as well. This hit home very much thank you

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